Rating component is a star based selection input.

import { Rating } from 'primereact/rating';

Rating is used a controlled input component with value and onChange properties.

<Rating value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(e.value)} />

A cancel icon is displayed to reset the value by default, set cancel as false to remove this option.

<Rating value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(e.value)} cancel={false} />

Number of stars to display is defined with stars property.

<Rating value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(e.value)} stars={10} />

Custom icons are used to override the default icons with onIcon, offIcon and cancelIcon properties.


<Rating value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(e.value)}
    cancelIcon={<img src="/images/rating/cancel.png" alt="custom-cancel-image" width="25px" height="25px" />}
    onIcon={<img src="/images/rating/custom-icon-active.png" alt="custom-image-active" width="25px" height="25px" />}
    offIcon={<img src="/images/rating/custom-icon.png" alt="custom-image" width="25px" height="25px" />}

When readOnly present, value cannot be edited.

<Rating value={5} readOnly cancel={false} />

When disabled is present, a visual hint is applied to indicate that the Knob cannot be interacted with.

<Rating value={5} disabled cancel={false} />

Screen Reader

Rating component internally uses radio buttons that are only visible to screen readers. The value to read for item is retrieved from the locale API via star and stars of the aria property.

Keyboard Support

Keyboard interaction is derived from the native browser handling of radio buttons in a group.

tabMoves focus to the star representing the value, if there is none then first star receives the focus.
left arrowup arrowMoves focus to the previous star, if there is none then last radio button receives the focus.
right arrowdown arrowMoves focus to the next star, if there is none then first star receives the focus.
spaceIf the focused star does not represent the value, changes the value to the star value.