Password displays strength indicator for password fields.

import { Password } from 'primereact/password';

Password is used as a controlled component with value and onChange properties. Strength meter is enabled by default so feedback needs to be set as false for a basic password input.

<Password value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(} feedback={false} tabIndex={1} />

Strength meter is displayed as a popup while a value is being entered.

<Password value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(} />

Labels are translated at component level by promptLabel, weakLabel, mediumLabel and strongLabel properties. In order to apply global translations for all Password components in the application, refer to the Locale API.

<Password value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(}
    promptLabel="Choose a password" weakLabel="Too simple" mediumLabel="Average complexity" strongLabel="Complex password"/>

When toggleMask is present, an icon is displayed to show the value as plain text.

<Password value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(} toggleMask />

Custom content is placed inside the popup using header and footer properties.

<Password value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(} header={header} footer={footer} />

A floating label appears on top of the input field when focused. Visit FloatLabel documentation for more information.

    <Password inputId="password" value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(} />
    <label htmlFor="password">Password</label>

Specify the variant property as filled to display the component with a higher visual emphasis than the default outlined style.

<Password variant="filled" value={value} onChange={(e) => setValue(} feedback={false} tabIndex={1} />

Invalid state is displayed using the invalid prop to indicate a failed validation. You can use this style when integrating with form validation libraries.

<Password invalid />

When disabled is present, the element cannot be edited and focused.

<Password disabled placeholder="Disabled" />

Screen Reader

Value to describe the component can either be provided via label tag combined with id prop or using aria-labelledby, aria-label props. Screen reader is notified about the changes to the strength of the password using a section that has aria-live while typing.

<label htmlFor="pwd1">Password</label>
<Password id="pwd1" />

<span id="pwd2">Password</span>
<Password aria-labelledby="pwd2" />

<Password aria-label="Password"/>

Keyboard Support

tabMoves focus to the input.
escapeHides the strength meter if open.