PrimeReact is a rich set of open source UI components for React.

PrimeReact is available for download at npm.

// with npm
npm install primereact primeicons

// with yarn
yarn add primereact primeicons

Theme, core and icons are the necessary css files of the components, visit the Themes section for the complete list of available themes to choose from. In upcoming version 10, a css-in-js approach will be implemented along with migration to SVG icons to remove the requirement to install css files.

import "primereact/resources/themes/lara-light-indigo/theme.css";     
import "primereact/resources/primereact.min.css";

import "primeicons/primeicons.css";                                         

Each PrimeReact theme has its own font family so it is suggested to apply it to your application for a unified look.

body {
    font-family: (--font-family);

Each component can be imported individually so that you only bundle what you use. Import path is available in the documentation of the corresponding component.

import { Button } from 'primereact/button';                             

We've created various samples for the popular options in the React ecosystem.

Create React AppNext.JSCreate React AppVite

Video tutorials to take you through step-by-step.

Create-React-App is the official scaffolding project by Facebook.

PrimeReact has first class support for SSR and Next.JS, in fact this website is also built with Next.js